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Unique Projects

iPad as Art

Created for a client at MIT, this custom iPad display case is a fun way to make your art come to life!

  • Hangs on the wall to display anything an iPad can display.

  • Easily removed to function as a mobile device.

  • Exact iPad measurements including wire ports, button notches                       and liner to protect and secure iPad.

  • One antique frame.

Framing a Scarab
"Trip Tic Squid"
  • Artist designed three-panel squid on heavy art rag

  • Each panel about 20" x 48"

  • Museum hinged

  • Special white rag mat and white wood frame with museum UV plexiglass

Meaningful Treasures

Custom design for Rock Band

Conserving Centuries-old Priceless Heirlooms

Framed Family Memories

Restored Family Memories

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